The way to a tranquil mind is through your feet

Have you ever noticed how the legs tire after a long hard day? It is not just the physical exhaustion but also the emotional drain that weakens the legs. According to our Indian Ayurvedic system, the feet are connected to the central nervous system and organs, implying that every inch of the feet is directly linked to a vital organ and ultimately to the brain. This is one of the reasons why a person is instantly able to relax while receiving a foot massage.

While a general foot massage is relaxing by itself, foot reflexology is one of the ancient practices present in different parts of South Asia where the masseuse concentrate on rejuvenating the entire body. A trend that is now catching on across the globe, foot reflexology brings the person into a deep state of relocation with long-term health benefits. Foot reflexology is a principled and therapeutic foot massage that is practiced by licensed and experienced therapists. They focus on ‘reflex points’ that correspond to different parts of the body. By applying moderated pressure to these reflex points, the therapist is able to stimulate positive energy that helps cure ailments and restore harmony and balance.

Although there are several benefits to foot reflexology, some of the most prominent and instant benefits of this treatment include

  1. Improved blood circulation
  2. Relaxed and refreshed physical body
  3. Visible difference in organ functioning
  4. Calmer state of mind thus battle signs of depression and anxiety
  5. Relief from ailments such as headaches, kidney problems

Ananta Group of Spas, known for bringing signature massages of the world to different parts of the country, offers immaculate foot massages and reflexology. Understanding the importance of cleanliness and ambiance, each of our centers have mood enhancing scent and lightening that not only relaxes the mind but sets the mood for the session. The therapists are trained and certified professionals who have years of experience in providing world class services to the customers. With an impeccable environment, all the services are provided with utmost care to create a relaxing and soothing experience. #unwindwithAnanta
Disclaimer – Foot reflexology and massage at Ananta Group of Spas are meant exclusively for relaxing and mood lightening purposes. We do not claim to cure any ailments or pain through these sessions.


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